Collection Website
The goal of this site is to allow viewers to sort through postage stamps,
participate in community votes, and look at stamps created throughout time.

The end result of this extensive web design project was both desktop and mobil layouts for a collection page, a community page, and the home page. This mockup allows you to see what the website would actually look like on your computer and your phone.

To begin the process of designing a well thought out website, we used the prototype software known as Axure. In the program we were able to mockup what our website would look like and then test out how the navigation would work.


While using the program we also conducted some user testing trials to see if our website was easy to navigate. This user testing allowed me to see where people got confused about how to get to a certain area on the site.

To make sure the navigation on my site was effeciant I created a user work flow. This allowed me to see exactly how a potential user would get from one area of the site to another.

User Personas

While also making the navigation on my site easily recognizable, I also tried to make it cohesive with the other elements on the site in terms of imagery.

When thinking about color I decided to play off of the colors of the U.S. postal service. I then took those colors and changed the hue to give it the more modern vibe that I was going for.


When Looking at typography I knew I wanted to have a strong dominant font. Going off of this I began playing around with the font Bebas Neue and ended up using for the majorety of the text on my site.

When I chose to create a site all about postage stamps I knew right away that I wanted to use flat illustrated images. I illustrated different objects associated with postage stamps and the postal service such as envelopes and a mail truck and placed them throughout the site.

Collection Page: Desktop

The main collection page of my site allows users to sort and filter through different stamps by checking the boxes next to the items you want to see. This first filter is different time periods and allows users to look back at older stamps or more modern ones.

This next filter is location, which allows users to look at stamps created around the world. While using this location filter users can also have time periods check off to narrow down their search further.

This filter option allows users to look at the different styles and media portrayed on postage stamps. For instance, someone my want to just see postage stamps with photographs on them while someone else may want to look at postage stamps with paintings on them.

Collection Page: Mobil

Home Page: Desktop

Home Page: Mobil

Community Page: Desktop

Community Page: Mobil